Microsoft’s Bing Adds Airport Maps

09 Oct


Microsoft’s Bing search engine now offers detailed airport maps for searchers.

“The new airport maps give you everything you need to navigate your way through your travels,” read a Sept. 29 posting on the Bing Community blog. “Airport maps include information on parking garages, ticket counter information, terminals and gates, baggage claims, currency exchange and more.” That ‘more’ includes a directory of eateries and airlines.

Via the desktop version of Bing, users can access this map by typing the name of the airport into Bing Maps and then zooming into the building itself, or searching for their flight status on Bing and then clicking on the map icon visible alongside the airport listing.

Bing is kicking off this service with 42 airports in the United States, with plans to add more over time.

Microsoft has been exceptionally aggressive in adding features to its search engine over the past few months, in its bid to better compete with Google. Many of these features focus on very specific subject verticals, such as shopping or entertainment or, yes, airport maps. By doing so, Microsoft hopes to provide a clearer alternative to Google, which continues to dominate the market for traditional keyword-based search.

While Bing lags Google for in terms of broader market numbers, it remains a pillar of Microsoft’s increasingly cloud-centric corporate strategy. Because of that, Microsoft continues to add new features to the engine: on Sept. 23, for example, it announced the launch of Bing Deals, a Website that aggregates more than 200,000 deals from the likes of Groupon, LivingSocial, Nordstrom and Target.

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