Apple releasing less expensive version of 8GB iPhone 4 in few weeks!

03 Sep

According to sources, iPhone is not only introducing the new iPhone 5, it is also launching the cheaper version of the 8GB Smartphone during the new few weeks Although the details, at this point of time is limited, but the manufacturers Hon Hai and Pegatron have already been asked to start manufacturing spare parts for the 45 million units of Smartphones that have been expected to come out.

8GB iPhone 4

The iPhone 4S/iPhone 5 is expected to have some new features which include an increase in the size of the touch screen, an improved antenna and eight mega pixels of camera for pictures and videos.

For the cheaper version of the iPhone 4, it has been announced by Cupertino that this phone is also expected to arrive in the next few weeks and the two unnamed sources “with knowledge of the matter” have said that a Korean manufacturer has already started the manufacturing of various facilities of this phone.

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